An exciting and transformative opportunity for our youth

8th August 2023

Young people enjoying Satellites festivalYoung people from churches across the diocese and beyond took the chance to attend the Satellites Christian festival at the Bath and West Showground, near Shepton Mallet over the weekend.

The aim of the festival is to break young people free from the idea that faith is limited to specific moments or places. Satellites invites young people on a transformative five-day journey to understand Jesus' role in their lives, empowering them for the other 51 weeks of the year.

Martin Saunders, Director of Satellites for Youthscape, the charity behind the event says, “The vision of Satellites is to help young people understand what it means to live with God at the centre of their lives all year round and in every part of their lives”.

Youth Worker Emily Hatton, who took some young people from Christ Church Clevedon to the festival. She says, “Being at Satellites this week has been so fun! Despite all the rain and soggy tents, it’s been so beautiful to watch our young people connecting with God in worship. Last night God really broke the hearts of many of our teenagers for the things that break his and filled them up with his spirit to go boldly in his name to share his gospel in their schools and communities. I’m already so excited to see how they’ll take all they’ve learnt back into their daily lives. Such a joy!”.

A diverse program caters to varying stages of faith. Participants can engage in sports, arts and a range of sessions including talks, workshops and gatherings that offer a clear understanding of the Christian faith. This unique blend of learning and fun sets the stage for deep connections and lasting memories.

Next year, every youth group is going to be offered five free tickets to the event. The offer is extended to both new and returning groups with the intent to welcome those who have yet to experience Satellites’ impact. Visit the Satellites website to book tickets and find out how you can claim the offer.

Martin added, “Satellites is a place of belonging for young people where they get to meet the God who loves them so much and understand how life makes sense with him at the centre.”

Tony Cook, Go Team Leader says, “It’s so good that Satellites has come to the Shepton Mallet Showground, as it offers a great opportunity for youth leaders or church leaders to take young people to this fantastic new festival to encounter God through relevant talks and worship. 

"As Satellites is in the heart of the diocese, youth groups can camp for the full experience, or visit each day. I would love to encourage and support churches or youth groups interested in taking young people to Satellites 2024. The offer of five free tickets for each new youth group attending makes it so much more accessible. Even if you don’t have any young people in your church currently, you can still be praying for Satellites 2024, with the anticipation of what God will do.”

For more information visit or contact the Go Team.

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