Foundation for Educational Leadership

The Church of England Foundation for Educational Leadership is a partnership of schools, dioceses, universities and others dedicated to supporting the development of leaders in education working towards a vision for education based on a Christian view of ‘life in all its fullness’ (John 10:10).

All schools have an ethos, a character, a leadership-driven DNA that determines their identity, priorities and decision-making. Equally all schools are striving to improve outcomes, sometimes under significant pressure, as they seek to provide the very best learning experience for the pupils in their care. Too often, leaders can see these two elements as distinct and separate. The Church of England Foundation for Educational Leadership aims to bring them together, to ensure that the stated ethos of schools is not separated from the lived reality of its corridors and classrooms, and that its leaders are well equipped and encouraged to ensure that this ethos fundamentally enhances their school’s outcomes.

We work to resource leaders at all levels of the education system by offering;

  • Networks: Bringing leaders together regionally to support, challenge and inspire each other, through collaboration, coaching and conferences
  • Programmes: Equipping school and system leaders with the wisdom, knowledge and skills to realise our vision for education.
  • Research: Ensuring leaders have access to a strong evidence base for their work through a depth of thinking and reflection on leadership, pedagogy and theology

Through these three core strands, the Foundation aims to create and resource a movement of dynamic and creative leaders who are equipped and encouraged to support each other’s development, synergising the best in pedagogical and leadership thinking with rich theological reflection and personal development. Regional peer support networks provide the opportunity for schools of all shapes and sizes to work together to support each other’s development through rich pedagogical and theological reflection, drawn together in a range of exciting regional and national conferences. Cutting edge professional development programmes are offered through the CofE PQH and CEO MAT qualifications. These are underpinned by an academically rigorous approach to research, identifying the very best practice and resourcing schools and university partners to evaluate and celebrate leadership approaches.

For further details please contact the education department and take a look at the the Church of England Foundation for Educational Leadership website.

Who to contact

David Williams,  School Effectiveness Adviser


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