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Church School Governance Parts 1 and 2

We will no longer be having our online zoom session for our Church school Governance part 1 and part 2. Instead, we have developed an online course which you can access and complete in your own time. We do ask all new governors to complete this course as soon as possible after being appointed.

The link for signing up to this course will be available at the beginning of September 2024.

If you are renewing your role then you still need to come to an online zoom session. The details of which are below. 

SIAMS for Schools

SIAMS is the Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools. This is also known as a Section 48 inspection. This session is for headteachers, RE leaders, Collective Worship leads, governors and those who lead on the Christian character of a church school or trust. In this session we will explore the new 2023 SIAMS Framework.
We will cover what the new Framework looks like: the Inspection Structure; the importance of Christian vision; the six Inspection Questions; the judgments; self-evaluations; and the keeping of evidence.
Location: on zoom
Cost: £35
Dates: This training is available on two dates this academic year. 

More information and booking

•  26 September at 4pm
•   21 May at 4pm


Church School Governance for Renewing Governors

This session is designed to provide a refresher for experienced foundation representatives in maintained and academy schools. It is a compulsory module for renewing foundation governors. This session will cover a brief update on the team and any recent new initiatives, answering any questions foundation governors may have. There will be updates and discussions on a range of subjects relevant to the foundation governor, e.g. SIAMs, governor monitoring, environment, recruiting governors and building diverse boards.
Location: on Zoom
Cost: Free
Date: There are 3 dates available for this event. 

More information and booking

•   8 October at 6pm
•   10 March at 6pm
•   5 June at 6pm

Spirituality in Schools

How can we recognise and encourage the creation of space for spiritual development in our schools, enabling all pupils and adults to flourish? This webinar provides the opportunity to explore spirituality in the school context and the SIAMS expectations for Church schools, recognising and valuing spirituality and understanding school leaders as spiritual leaders We will share some good practices from schools within our diocese and some key documents that will support you in your development.

Location: On Zoom
Cost: £35
Date: 14 October at 4pm

More information and booking

Foundation Governor Forums

Our termly governor forum is aimed at all those serving as governors in our church schools and has been designed with a view to providing attendees with the opportunity to network, share best practice and to hear about any hot topics. Each forum will have a theme, often with a guest speaker, as well as time planned in for that valuable networking opportunity. 
Location: on Zoom
Cost: Free
Dates: There are 3 Forums over the year. 

More information and booking

•   7 November 6pm
•   11 February 6pm
•   9 June 6pm

Theologically Rooted Christian Vision

SIAMS 2023 asks about your school’s ‘theologically rooted Christian vision’.
This session is aimed at schools who are looking to revisit their vision or who already have an established school vision. It will support school leaders in articulating the context of their school, thinking about how to respond to this theologically, then formulating an effective theologically rooted Christian vision and supporting their school community in understanding this.
Location: On Zoom
Cost: £35
Date: 28 November at 4pm

More information and booking


Collective Worship: Guidance, Planning and resources

This Collective Worship training is for governors, clergy and staff who are involved in leading, developing, and monitoring collective worship in their schools. It aims to provide the opportunity for you to explore good practice in planning, resourcing and monitoring collective worship in your school or trust and to share ideas with colleagues. Areas to be covered include:
•   What does good collective worship look like? 
•   Collective Worship Guidance and Policy 
•   Planning collective worship 
•   Resources for collective worship 
•   Monitoring collective worship  
•   SIAMS change to IQ3

Location: On Zoom
Cost: £35
Date: 21 January at 4pm

More information and booking


This is an opportunity to share experiences, anxieties and helpful tips on preparing for SIAMS with colleagues. At this forum there will be opportunity to discuss questions about SIAMS related matters, including self-evaluation; share experiences, helpful tips and best practice; have space to explore and discuss the challenges of the SIAMS inspection; and discuss the impact of the changes and developments to the SIAMS inspection process.
Location: On Zoom
Cost: Free
Date: 4 February 4pm

More information and booking


For further information please contact Felicity Cobley, email:


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