Diocesan Cashbook

The diocesan Cashbook is an electronic, Excel-based tool to record Parochial Church Council (PCC) receipts and payments.

For installation and user guidance, see the Cashbook Manual in the download section below.

With thanks to Gloucester Diocesan Board of Finance, who developed this tool and allow us to use it.

Cashbook Users

Cashbook Users is our Cashbook forum. The purpose is to support all treasurers across the diocese who are using the diocesan cashbook for their bookkeeping needs.

The Cashbook User group aims to:

  • Help treasurers be more effective
  •  Share useful information, ideas and successes
  •  Provide a forum to ask questions

Our goals are to:

  • Be a simple, focused, flexible system that is easy to use and that uses plain English
  • Meet the different needs of treasurers
  • Evolve according to need

Please note that access is restricted to members only.

To join, please see ‘How to join Cashbook Users’ in the download section below.

Cashbook Champions

There are currently three “Cashbook Champions” who can provide assistance with the day to day support and troubleshooting of the Cashbook. Contact the Cashbook Champions by email.

If you are an existing user of the Cashbook and would be willing to become a champion to support other users, please contact the Finance Team.

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