Pioneering in Bath and Wells

“We dream of a culture of innovation across the Diocese of Bath and Wells.

“Our vision is to create a broad landscape of pioneering mission and innovative church practice across the diocese of which nine paid pioneer posts will be the visible mountain tops and an extensive network of pioneers of all kinds will form the lower-lying contours.”   Project plan for the Pioneer Project 2018-2025

We celebrate the work of our existing pioneers with communities where church currently has little impact and want to build on those early foundations. Our Pioneer Project aims to do just that. 

In December 2017 we received funding from Church Commissioners for the project.  This continues to be an exciting time in the life of our diocese. 

We launched our Pioneering Podcast in 2020, find out more. 

As we enter the latter stages of the project we continue to embed pioneering within the culture of Bath and Wells Diocese. 

In order to support and encourage local pioneer ministry we have created a pathway for commended Local Lay Pioneers. 

We invite you to join us on this journey of exploration and experimentation. 

Listen in below to a conversation at the start of CMS Certificate in Pioneer Mission. Find more videos on the Holy Rumpus playlist  on the Bath and Wells YouTube channel.

Who to contact

Richard Priestley or Mandy Priestley, New Christian Communities Development Leads 


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