Taunton Minster art installation promotes creation care debate

19th April 2023

Taunton Minster Gaia

Taunton Minster opened its doors to its Gaia art installation on 14 April and already has seen 4,500 through its doors to see it and engage with conversations about caring for creation. The remaining Saturday evening Eco Talk events have all sold out.

Revd Tobie Osmond, Vicar at Taunton Minster says, “The Gaia artwork installation has allowed us to continue conversations about caring for God’s glorious creation that we started when we hosted the artist Luke Jerram’s previous installation, the Museum of the Moon. Every day I have been engaged in phenomenal discussions with a range of people, including people from Taunton who have never visited us before, about this wonderful world that God has tasked us to take care of. It only just fits in our magnificent church which makes it quite an imposing presence but it looks spectacular, particularly at night when set against the stars of the heavens and angels on our ceiling.”

The installation will be in place until 1 May. Taunton Minster will be marking Earth Day on Saturday 22 April and you can see the full program of events planned for the installation on the Taunton Minster website.

Taunton Minster Gaia

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