Campaign to help get the covid vaccine to the world’s poorest

Revd Scott Patterson, a vicar in Curry Rivel and his wife Rowan have launched ‘Twin My Vaccine’, a campaign to help raise funds for communities across the world who are struggling to vaccinate their population against Covid 19 and whose infrastructure in places may not even include basic refrigeration.

They’ve set up a JustGiving page to direct funds to UNICEF’s COVAX programme. The couple hoped to raise around a thousand pounds, but they’ve already reached more than £10,300. The amount they raise will also be boosted by giftaid. Their campaign has been supported by the local community and Curry Rivel Church School is planning to hold a mufti day to help raise funds too.

Rowan and Scott said: “We’re delighted that our parents and friends are beginning to be vaccinated against Covid-19 and it’s great that in the UK this is freely available on the NHS. But many of us could have afforded to buy the vaccine if we’d needed to and there are countries which cannot afford to vaccinate their people at all. UNICEF’s coronavirus/COVAX campaign will deliver vaccines to some of the poorest countries in the world.”

Two doses of vaccine (depending on which kind you have) might be worth between £4 and £30, plus the time and expertise needed to administer it. People are so delighted that they or their family and friends have received it that the idea to help others seems to have resonated. Many have donated through the JustGiving page and have shared the idea with friends, work colleagues and their extended family.

Bishop Ruth said of the ‘twin my vaccine’ idea: “The global perspective can sometimes get overlooked amidst all the pressing needs around us however your actions demonstrate God’s loving generosity to all. It really is important that we don’t allow our own anxieties for our nation to become one that gets caught up in a selfish response without concern for others around the world. If we are truly going to beat the virus then we need to pay attention to those who are even more vulnerable than ourselves.”

If you have the financial resources and would like to donate, you can do so on Scott and Rowan’s JustGiving page.
Find out more about how UNICEF is working with the World Health Organisation to distribut vaccines to the very poorest in the world through the COVAX programme.

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